Dark Light, poetry of shadows


The Phosgene Kid said...

Told you a book was a good idea. Step 2: where can I get one and how much is it (preferably in USD not Portuguese Pazoozas).

By the way, it is great! I am also going to check out the Issu site as I have an idea for a chap book. Not as cool as yours, but none-the-less

Ruela said...

Yes, thanx!

I don't understand why some photos have a white line running horizontally...maybe it's my browser or to much photos...

I'm working on nÂș2 with 50 photos.

Issue is nice.

Blood Tears said...

Fotos Maravilhosas Ruela!

Blood Kisses

dianne said...

Wow dear Ruela, an amazing selection of your photographs, I love the trees in the fog and mist.

xoxoxoxo ♡


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